Find Irrigation Parts & Accessories in Central Oregon

Finding irrigation parts and accessories in Central Oregon can be really tough especially if you have uncommon pumps, machinery or parts. There are two types of irrigation that you must consider before you start looking. Residential and commercial. Obviously, a residential pump for example, will cost less than a commercial pump. The trick is to understand the difference between the parts and accessories to save money on costs when doing both residential or commercial work. Using a commercial pump for residential may be overhaul and using a residential pump for commercial may not be enough.

You can find parts right in your home. Makeshift techniques for a “do it yourself” may have to work in some cases. In example, if you need a pump for your irrigation system that blew up, you can get away with using a household pump. There are several types of residential pumps. Sump, sewage, effluent, utility, booster, outdoor (pond/sprinkler), condensate, circular and well pumps. Although we don’t recommend it, we have seen jerry-rigged washing machine pumps used for outside irrigation as a quick replacement for dead pumps. Remember, washing machine pumps are not designed for pushing sprinkler water. The PSI could kill that pump fast but if you need something quick and are handy with that sort of thing, why not?

There are commercial stores and residential stores. For example, Horizon Distributors in Bend is a commercial landscaping supply store. Even though they have both residential and commercial Irrigation Parts & Accessories in Central Oregon, they are considered a supplier for companies like us (landscape maintenance and irrigation). We purchase tens of thousands of dollars a year through them and they are friendly and courteous. On the residential side, you have Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware and the like. There, you will find a lot of the same stuff but more expensive. Like a convenience store, they raise prices for demand. A good rule of thumb is to purchase large machinery at commercial stores and small parts at residential.

The best place for irrigation parts and accessories are auctions, estate, farm and garage sales. We find brand new parts for 90% off because the seller usually does not understand the value of what they are selling. And, usually these types of sales are “get it out the door at any price” kind of thing. One time, we were at an estate sale and purchase $5,000 worth of pvc pipes and connectors for just $20. And, believe it or not, people throw away pieces and parts all the time. We have many homebuilder companies that are friends whom give us their extras or cut pieces. You would be surprised the amount of material that is thrown away from a new home build. Contact us for a free quote.