Sprinkler Activations

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Sprinkler Activation Information

Central Oregon is unpredictable when it freezes. If you have a residential home or commercial building with underground sprinklers, you are taking a huge risk blowing out the sprinklers before winter and activating them during Spring. Consider the following questions when trying to do this yourself:

  • Have you Inspected and cleaned the backflow to eliminate leaks?
  • Have you cleaned all sprinkler spray nozzles to ensure proper sprinkler coverage?
  • Have you straightened and raised up the crooked sprinklers?
  • Have you recharged your pipe system slowly to avoid pipe damage from water surges?
  • Have you done a zone inspection to ensure each zone is operating correctly?
  • Have you tested and recorded the ohms for each zone to detect potential system electrical problems?
  • Did you do a visual pressure test of each zone and note any pressure issues for repairs or adjustments?
  • Have you Inspected the rain sensor to see if it is properly functioning?
  • Have you checked and adjusted the sprinkler coverage to insure water is not being wasted on the pavement?
  • Have you pressure tested the mainline pipe to detect leaks?
  • Have you set a basic schedule for proper watering and minimized excessive watering or run off?
  • Have you replaced the batteries in the wireless rain sensors?

Every year, the above tasks need to be done if you want your sprinkler system to last and not pay exuberant amounts of money paying for us to dig up the pipes and/or replace everything. Sprinkler damage from not winterizing properly can be very costly. You would save more money by letting us turn everything on and run checks in Spring and do the blowouts at Fall.