Sprinkler Installations

Mapping Digging & Assembling

Sprinkler Installation

Landscapes need water to survive, flourish and maintain. Relying on natural rainfall in Central Oregon isn’t the ideal way to keep your lawn healthy. Depending on the type of grass and other plants you have throughout your landscape, a more consistent source of water may be required and a home irrigation system is usually the best choice.

Installing your own irrigation system can save some money. However, it’s not an easy project. Planning, surveying and purchasing the correct parts/components are the keys to a beautiful landscape. Keep in mind that putting in an irrigation system isn’t a typical weekend project. Installing a system usually takes more than one to two weeks to fit, fine and tune.

Also, the type of grass in your lawn affects your irrigation needs. Some turfgrass varieties have higher water demands than others. Your soil also affects the efficiency of irrigation, too. Sandy soils absorb way more water than clay soils. If you supply more water than the soil can absorb and flooding is the result. A proper installation of an irrigation system gives you better control of the moisture of your soil.

Before we install an irrigation system, we go over these checks:

  • Check to see if your locality requires a building permit
  • Call and check for underground utilities before digging
  • Research local municipal watering ordinances
  • Research state/local regulations if they require a licensed professional installation
  • Determine water pressure in pounds per square inch (psi)
  • Determine water meter size (for a municipal system) or well pump size (for a well)
  • Determine service water line size
  • Water flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Type of backflow prevention required by local code
  • Determine flow rate
  • Determining backflow requirements
  • Map the sprinkler system
  • Plan the coverage of parameters
  • Choose the primary parts
  • Choose which pipe to use

Then after all is determined, we:

  • Dig for your sprinkler system
  • Assemble the sprinkler system