Sprinkler Winterization

Residential & Commercial

Sprinkler Winterization Information

The average cost for freeze damage to underground sprinkler systems is in the hundreds of dollars – close to a thousand after labor. Blowing out your sprinkler system before it freezes in Central Oregon is very important. We understand all residential and business underground plumbing and are the best in Central Oregon.

Here is what we do for residential and commercial:

  • Investigate and record the main, irrigation and drain valve locations
  • Record all zones, inspect and open up nozzles
  • Calibrate air compressor
  • Blow the sprinklers out
  • Shut off main backflow to city sewer and water line
  • Inspect each zone for anything out of the ordinary

Winterization should begin in early October and can be too late after November. Call us and book yours now as we have spots available.