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Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is a machine that uses 1 or more revolving blades to cut grass to an even height. There are several types of lawn mowers from self-propelled, to machine propelled to self-push to riding lawn mowers. We use all types. Believe it or not, the first lawn mower was invented in 1830 by a British man named Edwin Budding. There are gas powered, electric and push mowers (by hand). Some are even hybrids that help mulch your lawn.

There have been many studies about the environmental and noise pollution a lawn mower emits. Some of our clients ask us this question and our response is that any combustible engine that receives gasoline as its energy source will produce pollution emissions other than carbon dioxide, and the evidence for such a device to place a carbon footprint to impact the environment isn’t there.

The machines we use to cut grass depend on the manufacturers and local availability. Usually when a sale or bargain is placed at a local retail store, we investigate. Our company generally buys Husqvarna, Honda, Snapper, Dixie Chopper, Atco, Blount, Altoz or Rover. Although we wrote an article reflecting our disappointment with Craftsman, we still do have a few of them lying around and use as backups when our regular equipment is/are being serviced.