Lawn Edgers and Trimmers

There are several types of lawn edgers and trimmers from electric to gas powered to push and string. Flower beds, trees, lampposts and mailboxes need the perfect tool for a good looking landscape. Push and string edgers are sometimes used with wide rubber wheels with blades that are easily adjusted to fit any size of lawn. It all depends on the size of the lawn and the plushness of the grass that will make us switch up equipment to better the needs of the exterior. We have all types of edgers on our trucks to ensure the job is with its correct tools.

Landscapes have many types of edges from spade cut, strip (rubber, metal or plastic), masonry (cement, stone or brick) to even wood edging (cedar, bender boards or types of timbers). Having the right equipment to challenge each exterior is important to the longevity of the material a client has and will guarantee long term business with us. The lines of edging have two processes. Vertical and horizontal. Edgers provide vertical lines and trimmers provide horizontal. Electric and gas are a more economical way to cut trenches along the driveway or sidewalks for edging. For more sensitive grounds, we sometimes use a nylon line monofilament to make sure we do not harm the surrounding environment.

They are the most important tool in our arsenal. The height, color and the health of your lawn all rest in the lines that our edgers create. This is called the manicured affect that ensures longevity. Edging and trimming are often overlooked in importance because the process doesn’t seem to take that long. But that is further from the truth. Lawn edgers and trimmers reduces weeds. The intricacies of weed growth stem from the edges of the lawn and in the middle where we trim. Vertical and horizontal trimming actually reduces weeds more than using chemicals, which we highly are against. Our website explains in more detail about the types of edgers we use.