What is Residential Irrigation in Redmond Oregon?

Residential Irrigation in Redmond Oregon for lack of a better term, is basically yard plumbing. There is/are a lot to learn about it from zones to pressure, friction loss, volumes of water and types of systems like pumped or metered. This article will explain what residential irrigation is and if it could benefit your home or even business irrigation needs.

The different types of irrigation systems:

Pump System

The pump is one of the most overlooked features of an irrigation system. It’s responsible for pushing water to the sprinkler heads. The layout of the system cannot be done without thinking of the capacity, power and efficiency of the pump. Each zone carries with it a different pressure point so the pump system must be correct during install. One major mistake most consumers do is purchase an irrigation pump and not a high pressure pump. The difference is mind boggling as a regular over the counter pump can only do one sprinkler head versus a high pressure which can do several.

There are several types of pumps, too. From centrifugal or end-suction centrifugal, submersible pumps, turbines and jet pumps, booster pumps and floating pumps. Some require priming, some are closed coupled, some use propellers, some are electrical and some are gas powered. Pumps are designed for the environment it needs to operate in. Whether you are using city water, lake water, river or well water, each pump must be sized up to fit the zones, sprinkler heads and have enough room for exact pressure. A really good tutorial for explanation can be found here.

Metered Water System

Just as it sounds, a metered water system measuring water. These types are good for commercial or business but great for landlords of homes who can track the water use of their tenants. Central Oregon does not have too many water restrictions to demand metered irrigation systems so installing them in residential neighborhoods is rare. However, in high end homes, it is quite common as environmental home owners are concerned with the amount of water that is dispersed on their homestead. We have installed many on homes near golf courses and resorts like Brasada Ranch.

Now that you know there are many kinds of residential irrigation in Bend, Oregon, before you choose that you want an irrigation system (yard plumbing) installed, there are several decisions you must make to have one properly installed in/on your residential home or business. Improperly installing a system can result in thousands in damage. The wrong pump can barely put any pressure on your sprinkler heads or worse, can rip apart your pipe system. You may have installed the right pump but did not prime it properly scratching your head why you are not getting the high end pressure the pump says it can do. Unless you have made these mistakes and understand the basics of irrigation, it would be wise not to do it yourself. Trust in the experts that have been doing this since 1992. Contact us for a free quote!