Sprinkler Blowout in Bend – Winterize DIY

How to sprinkler blowout your underground pipe system for winter to prevent freeze damage. First thing you want to do is find your main water shut off valve (turn it off) and teeing off to that should be your irrigation system valve. And if you can’t find it from there, track it down from the tap out on the outside exterior of the home and you can find it there. There’s also a little drain valve back behind or around the irrigation system valve. You will need to drain that into a cup and release any other water pressure from the irrigation tap out to this valve after the blow out.

Find your tap out on the outside of the house. There should be a main ball valve where you can hook up your air compressor. You can buy a little fitting that will hook up to any compressor hose if yours doesn’t have one and you can either leave it on or take it off or cover it for the summertime.  After you have hooked up your compressor, open up the release valve that’s going to let air into the system. Go around the sprinkler system (nozzles and knobs) and open up each valve one at a time.

Once you are sure every line (heads and nozzles) is/are open (this is important as it takes just one zone that is not properly blown out to replace the entire thing) go ahead and turn on the air compressor. It will blow out all of the excess water that remained in the lines underground. As a rule of thumb, use about 100 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Once you visually see most of the water come out from the heads, you’ll start hearing the air and that is a good sign. It’s not absolutely necessary to get 100 percent of the water during the sprinkler blowout, but you should get at least 90 – 95 percent of it. A little bit left over in the lines is not going to hurt anything underground as long as the majority of the water is gone. Let the compressor run until you see no more water coming out. It will not hurt anything to let the compressor blow through the lines for any amount of time. Some compressor’s run out of air and need to be recharged, you can use that as a clock/timer for each zone.

Inside your garage should be the irrigation system main computer. There are several types and each one has its own settings for switching between zones. There should be a manual button to switch between zones. It’s a test button to see each zone working for adjustments. Use that to blow out each zone. Some homes have manual zone switches underground instead of the computer. Generally, it only takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to blow out each zone. After completion, you should open up the irrigation valves next to the tap out about halfway which is about a quarter turn. This allows for air expansion during the winter. Contact us today before we get booked up!